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5 Top Tips for Costa Rican Whitewater Rafting

Riding-Rapids-Costa-RicaSome of the most exciting and thriving wild rivers in the world are found in Costa Rica. This is a whitewater rafter’s fantasy. Whether you take on the thrill of whitewater rafting for simple joy and the experience of something new or you are a Class V rafter, there are few things that compare to the adrenaline rush of whitewater rafting. In Costa Rica there are a variation of rivers to be found for all different types of experiences and rafters of all levels. You can take on the intense, Class IV rapids of the Pacuare River or opt for something more leisurely and family-friendly like paddling gently down the Sarapiqui River. During Costa Rica’s green season (typically May through October), the water levels are more than likely higher and will provide more of a challenge for those that enjoy higher swells.

Before setting off on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, ponder these practical tips:

  1. Be prepared to get wet! It is best to leave all valuables or things that you do not wish to get ruined back at your hotel, rental house, or villa. Anything that isn’t waterproof should be regarded as valuable; this incudes fancy jewelry, purses, watches, cell phones, etc. Also ask your guide if they offer water-tight bags to safeguard any last moment items you may have on hand.
  2. Quick-dry clothing and sturdy river sandals are the most proper attire for whitewater rafting. Even if you do not tip or capsize, you will be occasionally spritzed and even blatantly splashed from head to toe. Sturdy river sandals are important for entering and exiting your raft since you will most likely stumble upon rocks or need to climb over slippery rapids.Picturesque-Costa-Rica-Waterfall-Cascades
  3. Contemplate acquiring a waterproof camera (such as GoPro) for your every photographic desire. Whether strapped to your helmet or held by a chain around your neck, this small and convenient camera captures every enthralling moment of your excursion through lush terrain and past majestic waterfalls that cover dramatic canyons. Helmets offer the optimal amount of camera use and sun resistance, but if you choose to not wear a helmet, apply sun screen liberally.
  4. Anyone, whether or experienced or amateur, should always consult with an experienced tour guide about the difficulty and differences in whitewater rafting levels before heading out into any river. With the help of a tour guide, chances are you can take on any class of river but some are better suited for beginners or those with families and young children. Take note of your comfort zone as well if you wish to try a more challenging class of whitewater rafting. Costa Rica is a fantastic place to take on this new adventure as it offers options for travelers and explorers of all ages and abilities.

    Whitewater rafting Costa Rica
  5. Pre-safety talk is a must. Your tour guide should have all of this outlined for you but just to clarify, make sure you are aware of the basics. This includes: life-jacket safety and fastening, duration of the tour, location, currents and rapids, snacks, rest time, headgear, etc. But most importantly, remember to have fun and ask for tips on conquering any fear you may have about enjoying this adventure.

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