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Costa Rican Pampering and Self-Care Spa Days

Cacao-Body-Wrap-Treatment   There are several reasons why people choose to vacation in Costa Rica. Whether you’re here for some family fun, white water rafting, or personal pampering, we have all the amenities that you can’t find in any other part of the world. Costa Rica is full of award-winning spas that offer perfect solutions to ease tension, diminish stress, and even ease sunburn from your day-to-day activities. We use all of our resources to make our spas as serene and tranquil as possible. We utilize our locations; using white sand beaches as your back drops as well as our tools; making sea weed body wraps, coconut oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil and other props on hand that will enhance your experience. If you wish to indulge your sense in a full immersion spa experience using locally-sourced ingredients and organic products native to the country, self-care spa days in Costa Rica are what you’ve been searching for.

Sugar, Spice, Coffee and All Things Nice

If you’re in love with body treatments and wish to use an anti-inflammatory on your body that contains diuretic effects and will even boost your immune system, then our coffee body treatment and polish is a fantastic option. Even if you’re not a coffee-drinker this type of ingredient will leave your skin rejuvenated. Combined with the cinnamon polish your skin with be re-hydrated, extremely soft and all of your senses will reawaken.

Local Cacao: The Organic Chocolate Body Wrap

You are sorely mistaken if you think that chocolate is something to indulge in only when consumed for food. There is a sensual sensation that comes along with this type of body wrap that can reduce stress and leave you with radiant skin. Cacao is known to stimulate endorphins which will help trigger metabolic fat burning and is even said to act as a cellulite-buster. It is definitely an exotic twist on body wraps.

Skin Reconstruction Using Organics & BotanicalsOrganic-Costa-Rican-Ingredients

Sea salts, sand, avocados, and even coconut cream are some of the basics used here in Costa Rica to gently exfoliate your entire body and rejuvenate skin. By removing dead skin or callouses your skin cells have a chance to regrow, giving your skin a young-looking glow and an amazing feeling of youth.

All Skin Type Nourishment

An accredited spa professional will always assess your skin type and determine what kind of damage has been done as well which products will help you get to a place of smooth, glowing and healthy skin. Facials are a relaxing source of nourishment to the skin. Whether you require extractions, steam, or a plethora of organic and local masks that range from honey, mango cream, papaya milk or cacao, you can rest-assured that your face is in good hands and we have your skin’s best interest at heart.

Detoxifying Volcanic Mud WrapsVolcanic-Clay-Body-Treatment

In Costa Rica we try and utilize every element. A volcano may be a beautiful and awe-inspiring place to visit but our aestheticians and bodyworkers actually use the terrain as a source of our organic products. Gently warmed volcanic clay can be bliss for any tourist, traveler, or backpacker. It is traditionally applied all over your body and the natural clay actually pulls out your body’s impurities in the process.  This is an extremely rare body wrap so add it to your agenda when you’re in Costa Rica; particularly in the area of Arenal. ')}