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The Only Place to Skydive in All of Costa Rica – Right Here in Quepos!

Our community of Quepos/Manuel Antonio is a destination where people from all over the world come to witness the lush jungle that meets the marveled ocean and the unparalleled wildlife. There is a plethora of beach and water activities to…
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Specifically Manuel Antonio / Costa Roca, has been named one of the top vacation destinations in the world for many years. In 2021, Manuel Antonio won “Mexico and Central America's Leading Destination” by the World Travel Awards.The area’s “High Season”…
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A reason to visit Manuel Antonio

The main reason that you should definitely visit Manuel Antonio National Park is ... there is literally something to please everyone!  The great variety of flora and fauna here will excite the smallest child and the most avid bird spotter!…
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Costa Rica is a Natural Wonder Preserved for the Future

The landmass of Costa Rica is just less than West Virginia, which means it would fit into the United States seventy-four times! And Earth nearly three and a half thousand times! Despite this, Costa Rica has an amazing five per…
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Why is Manuel Antonio National Park So Special ?

Manuel Antonio National Park is an absolute gem of a park and it has a number of things going for it that make it stand apart from other protected areas in Costa Rica. First, its location and accessibility. It is only…
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Destination Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is an Oceanside community just North of Puntarenas / Costa Rica, not far from Quepos (a popular adventure and vacation villa destination). Nature lovers will appreciate getting up up and personal with the hundreds of plant and animal…
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Why Costa Rica Tourism is Built Around Guided Tours

If you are planning your first trip to Costa Rica, it is important to know that because of several factors, guided tours are the best and sometimes the only way to enjoy our amazing country. Costa Rica is a mountainous…
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5 Top Tips for Costa Rican Whitewater Rafting

Some of the most exciting and thriving wild rivers in the world are found in Costa Rica. This is a whitewater rafter’s fantasy. Whether you take on the thrill of whitewater rafting for simple joy and the experience of something…
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Shopping for Souvenirs in Costa Rica

After experiencing a Costa Rican vacation and the retaining memories of paradise, exotic locations, and all the adventures you had while in this beautiful country, you may want to invest in some souvenirs to bring home to friends and family…
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FAQ’s & Answers When Relocating to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many attractions and not we’re not just talking about zip-lining above the cloud forest of Monteverde. There are so many reasons to relocate to this beautiful, paradise-filled country. Considering Costa Rica runs off of renewable resources, is…
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Cocos Island: Hotspot for Scuba Diving with Sharks

If you’re searching for one of the world’s greatest locations to scuba dive with sharks, you can easily find Cocos Island approximately 340 miles off the pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is a lavish and secluded island that can…
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Costa Rican Stand Up Paddle Board

  Stand up paddle board, more commonly referred to as “SUP” is a new and innovative form of exercise and an incredible thrill if you love the water and have a desire to put your skills to the test on…
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Costa Rican Pampering and Self-Care Spa Days

  There are several reasons why people choose to vacation in Costa Rica. Whether you’re here for some family fun, white water rafting, or personal pampering, we have all the amenities that you can’t find in any other part of the…
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Tortuguero: The Most Desirable Area for Spotting Nesting Sea Turtles

There is a hidden but increasingly popular charm stowed away on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Tortuguero is located in the Western Hemisphere and is known to be the largest nesting area and spotting sight for green sea…
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Manuel Antonio Welcomes Back the Ceviche Festival This November

There is quite a celebration to schedule on your calendars that all the locals and the tourists of Manuel Antonio and Quepos will be attending. November 13th through the 15th is the weekend of our second annual Ceviche Festival. Locals…
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Our response to COVID-19

Dear Guest,

Please note that we have adapted and are currently following the WHO and Costa Rican Ministry of Health guidelines on sanitation and social distancing

  1. Our host receiving you will always practice social distancing.
  2. There will always be alcohol in the gel by the front door entrance for you to use at any time.
  3. All of our housekeeping and maintenance staff will always be wearing facemasks.
  4. The home is completely disinfected right before guests arrive and just after guests leave.
  5. The villa is private for just your group, you will not be sharing any spaces with strangers.

Have a SAFE vacation