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Shopping for Souvenirs in Costa Rica

After eCosta Rican Coffee Beansxperiencing a Costa Rican vacation and the retaining memories of paradise, exotic locations, and all the adventures you had while in this beautiful country, you may want to invest in some souvenirs to bring home to friends and family or even to remind yourself of the sense of “Pura Vida” you found here. Chances are that throughout each venture you will find fantastic, one-of-a-kind Costa Rican keepsakes that you will want to bring home. Rather than waiting throughout your entire Costa Rican vacation to shop at an airport venue, we fully suggest that you shop along the way at each location you visit. You are more than likely to find unique and beautiful Costa Rica souvenirs that will give you a taste of what you experienced while traveling abroad. Below, you’ll find a short list of some timeless favorites!

Infamously Fresh Ground Coffee or Coffee Beans

Your friends and family will thank you when they find out that you brought back fresh ground coffee or coffee beans in several different flavors from some of the world’s most prestigious coffee plantations. Café Britt along with Doka’s Tres Generaciones are both award-winning and well-known coffee plantations that offer tourists a plethora of souvenirs. They not only carry the actual coffee itself in variation (light roast, medium, dark, and espresso) but also other souvenirs such as chocolate covered coffee beans, music, t-shirts, and books and information regarding the history of coffee in Costa Rica. These are premium blends of coffee from the plantations themselves so don’t hesitate to pick up more than one or two bags. Your luggage will smell great and each morning after you return home will feel like you brought back a light piece of paradise.

Indigenous Tribal Art & FolkloreChorotega Pottery

With a little bit of exploring it is not at all unusual to stumble upon towns that make their very own intricate masks, colorful and original ceramic pottery, or even delicate and stimulating textiles. Costa Rica is full of rapidly declining indigenous tribes such as the Boruca or Chorotega that still try to preserve their culture by continuing to create and showcase their many talents. Amongst the Maleku tribe of Costa Rica you can find jewelry and other handmade wooden keepsakes. Some tribes specialize in woven goods, such as purses or backpacks. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong when you pick up one of these rare and beautiful artifacts. These artisan crafts make incredible gifts and furnishing for houses.

Versatile Hammocks

If you’ve lived in Costa Rica long enough or your Costa Rican vacation was an eventful occasion, then you know that a sturdy hammock is not only practical but also necessary. You can find a beautiful hammock in almost any town in Costa Rica; some of them are manufactured by companies while others are made from local town artists or indigenous tribes. These hammocks can literally be easily packed up and taken anywhere. You can hang them from your home, your porch or even just between two trees. They are perfect for reading, relaxing, people-watching, sleeping, rocking in the shade or laying in the sun. They are portable, light and a beautiful souvenir that anyone would be happy to own.

Handmade Wooden Crafts

If you’re in search of a traditional and timeless Costa Rican souvenir, you will find that craftsmanship is very much alive in this small country. They wooden crafts you find in each town are usually made by local businesses or individuals so you are not only supporting this country when you invest in a souvenir but also the smaller local town business. You can find some of the most beautiful and exceptionally crafted bowls, jewelry, vases, coasters, salad spoons and many more made from exotic and rare Central American timber. These wooded souvenirs also make long-lasting and beautiful home furnishings for yourself, friends, and family members. You’ll find them anywhere; whether in a tourist town or while exploring un-discovered territory.

Souvenir Tips!

Keep in mind that haggling over prices in any town of Costa Rica is a completely reasonable thing to do. A lot of vendors will lower the asking price of a souvenir when simply asked for a discount on something that you like. Paying in local currency is best since the exchange rate of other currencies versus Costa Rican currency can change on a day-to-day basis. ')}