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Costa Rica is a Natural Wonder Preserved for the Future

The landmass of Costa Rica is just less than West Virginia, which means it would fit into the United States seventy-four times! And Earth nearly three and a half thousand times! Despite this, Costa Rica has an amazing five per cent of our planet’s biodiversity in is this comparatively tint country!

The impressive list of  ecosystems means animal and plant lovers will never get enough of this green vibrant country, with tropical and dry forests, swamps and mangroves, beautiful beaches, awesome volcanoes, relaxing natural hot springs, sweeping valleys and mystical cloud forests to be explored.

There are so many natural wonders of Costa Rica to see here: turtles nesting and hatching; sloths moving slowly through the canopy; the heart beating inside a tiny transparent glass frog; monogamous scarlet macaws shrieking as they pass overhead in pairs; the hypnotic dancing flight of the blue morpho butterfly which has just been declared a new national symbol of Costa Rica.


Morpho menelaus didius Male Dos MHNT