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Specifically Manuel Antonio / Costa Roca, has been named one of the top vacation destinations in the world for many years. In 2021, Manuel Antonio won “Mexico and Central America’s Leading Destination” by the World Travel Awards.The area’s “High Season” starts around the beginning of December and lasts through Easter (or typically the end of April).

During this time the weather is hot and sunny. The weather makes for perfect beach days and a plethora of activities to enjoy with little rain, if any, daily. Some fun things you can do are surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, diving, rafting and kayaking among many others.The ”Green Season” begins around May 1stand lasts throughout the year until “High Season” begins again in December.The “Rainy Season” doesn’t mean your days are ruined by any means. Rain showers are short-lived, so you can still enjoy many hours of sunshine.

The benefit of planning to visit Manuel Antonio during the “Green Season” is the landscape and scenery; tropical, lush, and green, and the rainbows and sunsets are unparalleled. This is also a great time to visit as there are many important holidays celebrated including El Mes de La Patria (which includes Costa Rican Independence Day from Spain) and is the start of the extremely popular soccer (“futbol”) season where you will find many parades and parties. Prices are much cheaper all around and the availability is much greater.

As you can see, there is a time for everyone in the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Our advice is to try them both and decide for yourself!


Spectacular sunrises every morning from the luxury villa.