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Celebrities in Costa Rica

Celebrities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has always captured the attention of celebrities across the world and continues to maintain its spot as one of the top destinations to visit.  The country’s draw stems from many factors including its biodiverse wildlife, national parks, thrilling outdoor adventures, incredible food, fantastic climate, pristine beaches with epic surfing, world class accommodations, wellness and cultural programs, and of course, the “Pura Vida” happiness lifestyle.

So it’s no surprise that you will find celebrities here wanting to relax and rejuvenate on vacation in this beautiful country, with some actually choosing to have a home here.

In the past year alone, the celebrity sightings have increased and we have been happy to welcome them!  Who wouldn’t be excited about seeing Thor himself (Chris Hemsworth) and his brother Liam at the beach surfing next to you?

Who can you see

Tom and Gisele Brady at a table next to you having dinner? The couple, along with Mel Gibson, are in fact, actual home owners in Costa Rica.

The Queen herself… (the one from the States) Beyonce was seen snapping photos at the waterfall in La Fortuna, Kim Kardashian was showing off a new bikini taking selfies, and even Leonardo Di Caprio was caught by paparazzi enjoying the sun.

Costa Rica’s proximity to the United States is an added bonus for our famous friends making it very easy to take a short flight to be in paradise. We invite you to come stay with us and see what all the “fuss” is about! 🙂

Chris Hemsworth was spotted with his brother Liam.