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Private Chef in Paradise – Living the Pura Vida in Costa Rica

There is something exciting about booking a tropical vacation, with a private chef, finding the perfect tourist attractions to visit, the best restaurants to try and dreaming about adventure. Costa Rica is a popular destination for tourists all around the globe, and that popularity has created a wide variety of accommodations all across the country. For some people, the perfect vacation involves a gigantic backpack, a camper van and a compass. For others, it’s a rustic open-air cabina on the beach where part of the adventure is wondering what type of critters will be curled up in bed with you each morning.

Our Idea of Paradise

At Escape Villas / Costa Rica, we cater to people who dream of beautiful sunsets views from the pool, and the serene privacy of a luxurious villa… all to themselves. Our customers believe that taking a vacation is a sacred event that promises the complete and utter relaxation of body and soul that can only be had when you book a private rental property like this one in Dominical where you can wake up every morning to this view…

Talk about paradise!

Each of our villas offers a unique way to experience the wild beauty of Costa Rica with its soaring green mountains and sparkling blue waters, but they also have something special in common… privacy and luxury, but this article isn’t just about our amazing selection of villas.

This article is about taking your holiday one step further… from fabulous to down-right spectacular. How is that possible, you ask?

Well, picture yourself laying right… here…  …at a this Magnificent 10 Bedroom Villa in Manuel Antonio.

It’s 5 in the afternoon, the sun is taking on the soft rosy glow that says it’s almost time for the sun to begin creeping towards the horizon. There are birds calling lazily to each other and off in the distance you can see the occasional surfer catching an ocean wave… and your stomach grumbles…

Sure, there are some amazing restaurants in Manuel Antonio / Costa Rica, but you’re feeling so warm and relaxed that the idea of climbing out of the pool and getting dressed to go find dinner starts just isn’t appealing.

Don’t worry, we have the perfect vacation solution! Hire one of our personal chefs!

Benefits of our Personal Chef Services

  • Delicious customized meals cooked on-site by a private chef,
  • no prep work or cleanup,
  • no hauling heavy groceries around,
  • fresh meals how and when you want,
  • we work with your dietary needs and restrictions,
  • enjoy authentic local specialties made with the best, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Picky eaters? No problem! Our chefs can tempt the pickiest eaters.
  • Hiring one of our chefs is often less than the cost of eating out for every meal!

At Escape Villas, we want your vacation to be so amazing… so spectacular that you can’t stop thinking about it, and you tell all your friends. That’s why we specialize in providing top-notch luxury rental properties, and the best service, from our sales team to our amazing chefs, to the house helper who keeps your villa sparkling clean.

Click here for more information about the amazing Chef Services we offer, email,  or call us direct at 1-888-771-2976.


A private chef can be provided
A private chef can be provided for your convenience. you do not even worry about one meal that one of our famed chefs can cook for you.