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Clean Beaches

Costa Rica Cleans up !

Costa Rica is famous around the globe for its conservational efforts, sustainable practices, and eco-friendly attitude, so it’s no wonder that International Beach Clean-Up Day has become an event.

Located during the third week of September, (September 17th this year) in the midst of the green season, it’s a day for friends and neighbours to get together, head outside, show the earth some love and have a great time in the process.

Around the globe World Cleanup Day, as it’s also known unites millions of volunteers, governments and organizations across 191 countries, where eco-enthusiasts roll up their sleeves, slather on their sunscreen and head to the beach.

Where You Can Go To Help?

It may not be surprising to know that the surfing community plays a big role in the preservation of Costa Rica’s oceans and beaches, and while the focus is often on these areas, Adventure Tourism is quite popular here and conservationists work hard to keep our park and forests free of debris as well. The lush tranquillity of our natural places provides so much happiness and peace for locals and travelers alike, that caring for it only makes sense.

Beach View Rental Properties

Lucky for you, Escape Villas has a wide selection of rental properties across Costa Rica. So whether you want to head to the beach and join in the cleanup, or volunteer for one of the many reforestation projects, we’ve got the perfect getaway for you, so gather up all your friends and make it a vacation to remember. You’ll go home rested, relaxed, and proud of your contribution to the planet!

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In Costa Rica we pride ourselves in the general cleanliness of our beaches