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A Costa Rican Independence Day Celebration

About Independence Day

Costa Rica has had an interesting history, they have been invaded and conquered more than once and in consequence, and so they celebrate more than one Independence Day.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the most important one… September 15. This date celebrates Costa Rica’s Independence from Spain, This year (2022) Costa Rica celebrates 204 years of Independence,and you can expect the celebrations to begin on the 14th and run throughout el Mes de la Patria, or “Month of the Nation.

  • Costa Rica gained independence on September 15, 1821, but didn’t know until October 13the when the messenger arrived from Guatemala!
  • On that day, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica were all freed thanks to the Act of Independence, a document signed by the Latin American Congress.
  • Their Independence was supported by the Spanish Government and was not the result of a battle. Stay

Enjoy Costa Rica Celebrations!

The country’s capital city, San Jose is the best place to enjoy Independence Day since that is where the majority of the celebrations take place.

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The celebration begins on September 14th when a series of relay runners carry a symbolic torch from Guatemala to San Jose. This tradition honors the messenger who carried the news on horseback back in 1821. The torch arrives in time for the traditional Desfile de Faroles or nighttime lantern parade where you will see children carrying handmade paper or wooden lanterns in a variety of shapes and sizes through the streets.

What to Expect

All businesses, banks, and government buildings close for the day so the entire population can hit the streets to enjoy the party and streets will be closed to traffic.

  • Color Guards, Caballeros on horseback, marching bands, and plenty of dancers in bright costumes entertain the crowd.
  • Expect the population to wear their traditional clothing which included shirts and dresses in bright colors decorated with gorgeous hand embroidery.
  • Buildings will be festooned with decorations in red, white, and blue, and Costa Rican flags.
  • Expect an outdoor day-long party with plenty of live music, street vendors providing a great variety of succulent dishes full of flavor, and parades.




national theater in san jose costa rica
This is the pride of Costa Rica cultural scene. From operas to piano concerts, the national theater has it all.