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Costa Rica green season adventures

The rainy or green season in Costa Rica, usually spanning from May to November, is often referred to as the “green season” of the country. Though it may not align with the conventional peak tourist period, this timeframe possesses its distinct allure. The infusion of rain showers works a metamorphosis on the landscapes, fashioning them into luxuriant paradises. Waterfalls, in their splendor, surge to impressive heights, and the affordability of activities increases owing to reduced demand. This phase, while diverging from the norm, presents its own version of charm. It’s a time when exploring vibrant rainforests and indulging in cultural ventures offer a fresh perspective on the nation’s allure. Here, we will delve into a comprehensive list of 30 exceptional things and activities to be savored during your sojourn in Costa Rica’s rainy season.

  • Discover Indigenous Culture

Engage with Costa Rica’s indigenous culture through tours and workshops. The Bribri and Boruca communities offer immersive experiences.

  • Go Birdwatching

Rainy season enhances birdwatching opportunities. Carara National Park is known for scarlet macaws, while the Osa Peninsula hosts diverse avian species.

  • Unwind at Puerto Viejo

Enjoy the laid-back vibes of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast. Indulge in Afro-Caribbean cuisine, music, and explore nearby Cahuita National Park.

Explore San José’s Museums

Experience Costa Rica’s capital, San José, through its museums. The Jade Museum and National Museum provide insightful glimpses into the country’s history.

  • Visit Ephemeral Waterfalls

Discover waterfalls that only appear during the rainy season. The Nauyaca Waterfalls and Diamante Falls are especially stunning during this time.

  • Experience Sustainable Chocolate Tours

Costa Rica’s chocolate tours offer insights into sustainable farming practices. Learn about cacao cultivation and enjoy tasting sessions.

  • Marvel at Vibrant Rainforest Foliage

Witness the rainforests’ vibrant hues during the rainy season. Hike the trails of Corcovado or Manuel Antonio national park for an immersive color explosion.

  • Take a Boat Tour

Explore Costa Rica’s waterways on a boat tour. The Tárcoles River provides opportunities to see crocodiles, wading birds, and more.

  • Go Horseback Ridiing

Embrace the rain on horseback through Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes. Beach rides, rainforest trails, and countryside routes offer diverse experiences.

  • Experience Sustainable Coffee Tours

Learn about Costa Rica’s coffee production on sustainable tours. Discover the journey from bean to cup and savor freshly brewed coffee.


The rainy season in Costa Rica reveals an alternative aspect of its natural magnificence. This interval showcases a panorama that spans from luxuriant rainforests and grand waterfalls to captivating cultural engagements and interactions with wildlife. It presents an unparalleled chance to truly fathom the marvels of the nation. Embrace the rain, traverse through an array of landscapes, and actively participate in local communities, culminating in indelible recollections. Whether you’re relishing the comforting embrace of thermal springs or observing the nesting rituals of sea turtles beneath the moonlit skies, your vacation during Costa Rica’s rainy season will be a riveting expedition into the core of nature and culture.


Take a look at poas volcano in the green season, its amazing
Witness the rainforests’ vibrant hues during the rainy season. Hike the trails of Corcovado or Manuel Antonio